Card-Layout converted to a blockly html editor block. Below see variations of that Card-Block.

Blocky html editor card with only an image
Blockly html editor allows changing of attribute data like this alt attribute
Blocky html editor card block
Directly edit the blockly html editor block in the browser

Use the blockly html editor to create layouts by using simple blocks. Then edit the content directly inside the browser. Then save the content back to the blocks.

Blockly html editor with nested editing abilities
Blockly html editor card in layout
Use the Blockly html editor cards in a simple layout

Blockly html editor can be used with different type of blocks. Either start with very few but smart blocks, or get into detail and change CSS and HTML.

Ebbie the blockly html editor for developers and creators
Blockly html editor with no dependencies
Blockly html editor depends on JS for editing. Use whatever Grid you like. It's just HTML and CSS.

Blockly is used in many different projects. To use blockly as html editor we added some blocks, generators and tools all done with vanilla JS. 

Ebbie the blockly html editor comes with simple project handling
Blockly html editor tools for creating pages
Use Blockly html editor to create webpages. But how to persist the changes and create new or reuse content?

We did not stop at adding editing tools to the blockly html editor blocks. Instead we build a simple php api to provide project handling, content saving and page export.

Ebbie the blockly html editor with webcomponents
Blockly html editor to arrange webcomponents
Blockly html editor together with webcomponents

Use blockly html editor to include JS and HTML to add and arrange webcomponents. We will provide an headless ecommerce example soon.

Ebbie the blockly html editor is not jus for content pages
Blockly html Editor for admin panels
Blockly html editor is not just for content pages

Instead of using blockly html editor just for content pages you can convert an admin template to blocks, add a data source and create your very custom dashboard. More on this soon.

Blockly html editor easy variations
Blockly html editor and block variations made easy

Blockly html editor allows to disable parts of blocks. This makes creation of block variants easy. Save these variations in your custom block lib and enjoy using them.

Blockly html editor in your CMS
Blockly html editor with file based projects

Blockly html editor comes with a simple but effective project setup. All this is handled using a very simple php api. Modifcations and replacements are easy if you know some php.

Another Card-Variation from Blockly html editor

Blockly html editor is a tool for developers and user and closes the gap between these groups. Also it allows you to stick to the stuff you know. 

We took a free bootstrap 5 template from

Ebbie html editor is a glware webtools project. 
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Ebbie the blockly html editor from glware